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£30.00 On Sale!

6" tall (approx) resin figure.

Designed by myself, produced by Patch Together. These resin figures are very limited with just 20 available.

Skonks come in a hand-sprayed card box inside a protective polystyrene case. Please note Skonks come in 3 pieces sorequire a small amount of assembly and come with option glue (though they hold together perfectly well without it, I have not glued my own ones).

Skonk's are an unfortunate creature, unlike the skunk who can spray it's foul odours at will the Skonks have no control over their stench. As the Skonk grows the foul smelling gasses seeping from it's tail start to coagulate and form a thick goo on the end of it's tail. However there is a silver lining as the stench combined with the toxic nature of their tails means they have no natural predators so they can pretty much carry on however they want!
(Resin cast Skonks do not smell though)

This is a collectable art figure, not a children's toy.

Postage within the UK costs a mere £5.00 for Royal Mail First Class Recorded, and a measley £7.50 for everywhere else in the world.

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