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Ghouls 2.5" resin

Ghouls 2.5" resin

£15.00 On Sale!

Hand sculpted, cast and painted 2.5 inch resin Ghoul figures!

Who doesn't love skulls? They look cool and they're highly practical! That's why the Ghouls love to adorn themselves with them and any other assorted bones they can salvage. These ones seem to have found themselves a nice selection of vertebrae, snazzy indeed!

Don't worry though, they only ever take them from dead things! I mean yeah sometimes they make the things dead so they can take them then, but they won't try and extract them whilst you're alive. So nothing to worry about there!

These are limited edition collectables and not intended nor suitable for kids, sorry kids!

£3 p&p for UK, £4 the rest of the world.

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