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Bodkin Dunny APs

Bodkin Dunny APs


After setting aside a few for ToyCon UK I am now putting those remaining back online for all :)

3" Bodkin the Bat Dunny, my design from the Kidrobot Dunny 2013 series.

Each Dunny has been signed by me on the back of the head and numbered & marked 'AP' underfoot. Each art card has also been signed.
Boxes can be signed upon request for no extra charge.

Along with your specially signed Dunny, each AP will come with 3 random Okkle button badges, 2 micro vinyl Bodkin sticker sheets (15 x 5cm) and one micro vinyl Okkle sticker sheet. Which is a total of 8 stickers.

Limited to 20 pieces. One per customer please.
Shipping is £4.50 to UK, £5.50 everywhere else. Shipping will be discounted though for combined orders, so why not pick up a Skonk or some Runts too? ;)

*Please note - while I do my best to ship these as soon as possible due to my having a full time job and commute some order may not be posted until the weekend following your order.

  • Image of Bodkin Dunny APs
  • Image of Bodkin Dunny APs
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